Plan a customised virtual event to promote your business and interact with customers worldwide

Virtual events are a useful and necessary communication tool during the corona pandemic, but they have proven to be much more than that. Experience has shown that they provide numerous opportunities for B2B companies and that they continue to deliver benefits long after the date of the event itself.

Companies can use the platform to showcase products and services and interact with customers and prospects at any time, on a global scale and in an extremely cost-effective way.

The virtual event platform that Vintage developed for the Atlas Copco Rental Department is a good example of the possibilities offered by this format. It started with a virtual event for Europe in November last year but, due to the success of the event and the highly positive reaction to it, it has been repeated for the Middle East and India in June, and for the US last week.

Where possible, the 3D environment, product information, seminar videos, breakout room sessions and case studies were reused, improving cost efficiency. However, they were customised when necessary to target a specific audience or to communicate on a particular theme. Common features were the chat function (enabling direct communication with visitors during the event) and the fact the platform and its information remain available online after the event date.


24/7 available & sales-supportive

“The Atlas Copco Rental platform perfectly illustrates how a virtual event can be very beneficial for B2B companies,” says Vintage’s CEO, Claudia Voss. “Once it has been set up, it provides a high return on investment, since it can be easily and flexibly launched on a global scale. With customised information and visuals if required. And where a booth at a physical fair needs to be dismantled when the event is finished, the virtual event platform can remain available online 24/7 and can serve as a sales-supportive tool for additional product and marketing campaigns.”


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