Optimise your virtual showroom with regular updates to attract more visitors

Vintage has created several virtual showrooms, all designed to provide the highest levels of market presence and sales success. For us, the work doesn’t stop with the go-live. We continue to monitor and analyse the statistics of every single showroom to determine how we can further improve the user experience and keep attracting more visitors and leads.

One example is the B2B virtual showroom we developed for Daikin Europe. As a visitor to the showroom, you can walk around all the products, panels and screens. You can enjoy a sensory experience, and the showroom is designed with interactive tables allowing you to watch presentations and videos. Extra information is provided on benefits and specifications, along with images and links to datasheets. This data comes directly from Daikin’s own database and is made available in multiple languages.

Vintage Account Director Ellen De Rijck explains how the showroom’s ongoing performance is maintained: “The Daikin virtual showroom welcomed hundreds of visitors shortly after it went live in November 2020. Since then, we have been following the visitor data very closely. We check which products are most and least popular and we see which information is clicked on. We also view the heat map that tracks the visitor’s journey through the showroom to learn which rooms are most and least visited.”

Ellen De Rijck continues: “In close co-operation with Daikin, we then openly discuss our conclusions and decide which modifications could be useful. We release an updated version every month which is also promoted via social media. Recently, for instance, we adapted the showroom layout to open up the areas with the fewest visitors and we updated the floorplan to make it even quicker to navigate. And it proved to be successful! Very soon we saw the number of visits beginning to increase and the heat map improving. And since we work from a single source, we can also automatically import the most recent product information from Daikin’s database for each new release.”

An essential tool in the future of B2B

Virtual showrooms gained lots of interest and success during the COVID-19 pandemic, when visits to physical showrooms weren’t possible. But will this continue now that we are gradually returning to the ‘old normal’? “Yes, I truly believe so,” says Vintage’s CEO Claudia Voss. “Based on recent experience, we can say that virtual showrooms are proving to be even more powerful than their physical equivalents. More than ever before, people tend to go online to search for information. Virtual showrooms allow B2B companies to address a larger audience 24/7, from any location and in their own language. They facilitate efficient interaction with potential clients and prospects, and they enable companies to provide interactive content and to focus on specific markets and products. And, like the Daikin showroom, they can interact with existing databases to share information.”

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