Meet our new Creative Director: Gunther Thienpont

Vintage made a partial return to the ‘old normal’ at the start of 2021 by welcoming back Gunther Thienpont as our new Creative Director. Gunther previously worked at Vintage for 12 years and, following a 13-year ‘intermezzo’, is now once again responsible for Vintage’s creative output. “The Vintage way of creating communication stayed in my blood,” he says, “because I still believe that it’s the best way!”

Welcome back, Gunther! For those who don’t know you, can you please tell us a bit about your background and experience?
“Well, that’s easy: my background is Vintage. This is where I started my career and it has been in my blood ever since. I was here when the company began and I worked here for about 12 years. Even after I left, I kept working within the same spirit and mindset. And now that I have come full circle, it feels like coming home – and there is no place like home. To me, the Vintage approach to communication, with the creation of integrated mixes and concepts, is simply the most logical approach.”


It’s certainly a unique way to start, in these unusual times. How do the current circumstances influence your work as a Creative Director?
“After a while, the new way of life becomes the new normal. And I see a positive side to it: with every challenge, there are also new opportunities. I have noticed how creative people have become due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There have probably never so many new ideas born.”


Speaking of new ideas, how do you start thinking about a creative concept?
“I usually start from a blank canvas. Anything is possible and there are no bad ideas. A thinking process follows, during which I sculpt the final idea. Sometimes it can mean starting all over again. But I do believe that the final result needs to combine both creative and commercial considerations.”


As well as new concepts, you will have to think about new creative tools. What opportunities do you see here?
“Technology is changing all the time. It is important to follow evolutions daily, and even more important to actually apply them! This can make a huge contribution to the message. At Vintage, we always see technology from a communication perspective: no matter what technology you use, it needs to have added value.”


How has B2B communication changed since you last worked at Vintage?
“Some technologies have disappeared, while others have evolved. Printed materials have almost completely disappeared. On the other hand, digital communication, social media marketing and 3D virtualisation are becoming more and more important. And we’re still only at the beginning: I expect that they will grow even more due to their effectiveness and efficiency. They meet financial and sustainability criteria that are high priorities for many companies nowadays.”


Vintage was leading the way in 3D virtualisation about 15 years ago – and it was the right approach! How do you see 3D specifically evolving in the B2B sales process?
“I expect that it will become part of every B2B sales and marketing strategy. When you use 3D well, you can create very attractive tools. You can tell so much with a clear visual or animation, whether you want to tell a brand’s story or describe a product. You can also customise the message for a dedicated target group. More specifically, I believe that Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence will evolve even further and faster, especially given the boom in online virtual tools.”


We wish Gunther many more years of success and creativity at Vintage!