How to choose the right CMS?


When a client needs a website, a Content Management System or CMS   is often required as well. This allows you to manage the content of the website yourself, and provides you with features like e-mail marketing and web analytics.

Free CMS like WordPress or Umbraco are usually enough for small websites but once your website starts growing, a commercial CMS provides many benefits. They are obviously not free, but come with many built-in features and a development model that make them a lot easier to implement and set-up. This means using them will not only make your work easier and more efficient, it might even turn out to be cheaper than going for one of the free alternatives. The set-up cost for a free CMS is usually higher because you will have to find a developer who, in most cases, will have to create more programming codes for your website. This is both time consuming and expensive. Additionally, with a free CMS you will have to find someone to take care of the maintenance of your website while with a commercial CMS, maintenance is usually taken care of by the CMS team.

One of these commercial systems is Kentico.

Loved by both marketeers and developers

Most of the free CMS systems are made and used by technical people. This results in user interfaces that are difficult to understand and work with. These CMS also often require a little bit of HTML coding. This then usually results in IT colleagues doing some of the input work in the CMS. This is not efficient and avoiding this was probably one of the reasons most companies wanted a CMS in the first place.

Kentico has UX specialists in house that have put a real emphasis on making a system that is really intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use it. While manuals and trainings are of course available, we have noticed that most of our clients can use it without requiring any explanation or help.



Vintage is an official Kentico partner since 2010. Being a partner, we have access to a lot of training and development resources like webinars, classroom trainings, development components, etc. This means we can use the CMS to its full potential.

In addition, partners get first-hand access to new releases of Kentico (there is usually a new version each year), allowing us to be one step ahead in offering you new exciting features.

Backed by professional 24/7 support (which of course free systems do not have), we can work together with Kentico’s staff in case a question requires deeper investigation.



Rich in features

Kentico of course has all of the usual CMS features like being able to create pages, alter the navigation, manage web forms, setting up a multilingual website, an image and media library, newsletters, etc.

Next to that, it also offers a wide range of features in the field of online marketing and content personalization that are quite unique. How about showing visitors of your website that are interested in building a new house a different introduction text than the ones who  are interested in renovating an old one? It is possible, even without the visitor logging in, with a feature called content personalization. It becomes even more powerful when you convince this visitor to subscribe to your newsletter, and thus can send him or her proposals about houses he/she is most likely to be interested in, while e-mailing the other person proposals about building grounds.

Often you will want to make your website communicate with other IT systems like CRM (Salesforce, SAP, etc.). Kentico has several built-in connectors that make integration easy to implement. That way you can, for example, make sure that when visitors fill in a contact form, a new lead is automatically created in your CRM.


There is a wide variety of CMS systems around, ranging from free ones to very expensive ones. Kentico provides most of the same features – or at least the ones you use – as most of the very expensive systems, but its price starts at only 3.999 EUR for a base license. More detailed pricing information can be found on

Have a look at some of our clients who are already using Kentico:

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