Interactive, targeted and available online: the must-read annual report

For most companies, creating an annual report is a mandatory and sometimes onerous task, resulting in a weighty document filled with dense text. And, unfortunately, for many busy board members, stakeholders and partners, it’s a document that can easily get buried under the pile of paper on their desk, only to be dipped into when they have a little  spare time or need specific information. But there is a better approach! An interactive, online report is a much more dynamic and satisfying experience for both its creators and its readers.

While most organisations and B2B companies have already made the move to digital literature and tools for their company and product information, the annual report still tends to be printed. This is an anomaly in today’s world. Recent surveys show that linear reading is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, most people only read 25% of a document, skim the text and focus mainly on the key headlines.

A web report, on the other hand, provides content in digestible units that can be easily navigated via a clear menu. It utilises the wider possibilities offered by the digital environment and can efficiently be translated and distributed on a large scale.

It also offers the potential for audience-specific content. With a well-thought content structure, specific messages can be mapped to different target groups, who will receive a web report that is tailored to their interests. By addressing your target readers personally, you will not only grab their attention but win favour by saving them time!

The content can be made interactive with videos and animated infographics. Production and revenue figures can be presented in the form of a clear calculator instead of an overwhelming table. In terms of creating appeal and communicating information clearly and memorably, details like this are more effective than the most expensive paper you can buy!

The annual report is an important annual event, a milestone in the corporate calendar. By making it digital, interactive, original and personal, you can be sure of offering your board members, stakeholders and partners and the general public a state-of-the art experience that will set your company apart.

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