Interactive brochures: simple, customised and always up to date!

Did you know that Vintage Productions was a pioneer in the development of interactive brochures? With more and more people choosing to read e-books on their tablet or browse an electronic version of their daily newspaper, it’s no surprise that we are now seeing a dramatic increase in demand for digital brochures and catalogues as well. In the B2B world, they are quickly replacing their printed counterparts. Readily available on the internet as well as numerous devices and sales platforms, our i-brochures are an essential in our clients’ sales toolkits.

With 94% of buyers searching for information online, the B2B sales arena is evolving fast. Companies need to be sure that customers can research and, where appropriate, purchase products online. For that reason, many businesses have made the decision to completely migrate their marketing, advertising and communications to digital formats, which offer wider exposure to their targets.

Of course, switching to digital doesn’t just mean making information available online. Our comprehensive approach also involves creating tools that help B2B buyers with their product research and offering new, interactive methods of presenting information, such as product configurators. It means providing salespeople with a digital platform where they can access centralised product information easily when they meet with prospects and customers.

Digital sales tools are also the most efficient way to meet the fast-growing demand for customised information. Customers need to know how a product will fit into their specific market and setting. B2B companies, particularly those selling internationally, are seeking ways to ensure that their product information is accurate, comprehensive and consistent across different environments.

User-friendly and sustainable

Fast and accurate communication is vital in a world where time is of the essence. Our interactive brochures are designed to both simplify and enrich the user experience. Dynamic and engaging, they contain all kinds of digital content, including videos, 3D animations, 360° rotating product views and configurators. Clear selection options are offered from the start, allowing readers and sales teams to customise the data for a specific target group. They also come with a user-friendly content management system, in which information can be updated at any time and be translated into a range of languages.

Vintage can integrate interactive brochures with your internal and external websites as well as numerous sales platforms, including Showpad. They can be provided immediately to your target audience, wherever they are, with no logistical or transport requirements. This makes them a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option.

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