“Go digital: that’s the only communication advice I can give”

The sales person plays a vital role in the B2B sales process and, as a company, you need to equip your sales team with the right means for their daily task. “Go digital, especially during the current corona times, that’s the only advice I can give”, says Claudia Voss, CEO of Vintage Productions. “Why? Digital communication contains the most information, it’s customised towards the end user’s market, and it’s cost-efficient for our clients. And we can help them with creating the ideal set of communication tools.”

Digital and interactive content has many advantages. “It grabs the attention of B2B buyers that look for info before the first sales contact”, says Claudia Voss. “It also presents more info than printed literature since products can be fully explored. Digital tools can be easily distributed and kept up-to-date, and the interactivity enhances the user’s experience.”


“In most digital communication that we create, we also customise the data and product presentations towards the end user’s markets, so they feel personally addressed. And we re-use the same 3D models and animations across multiple tools and channels, which is cost-efficient for our clients.”

“Digital communication also never stops. At Vintage, we aim at being ahead of future trends and continuously study the most recent digital technologies. With this, our clients can rely on the fact that we create state-of-the-art and the most effective communication tools for them.”

A glance at Vintage’s portfolio of digital tools:

Public websites

For Vintage, a public website is much more than the combination of content and images on a web link. We firstly analyse the websites of our client’s competitors and then build a consistent message that stands out. Company & product info is brought together in an attractive design and logical page flow. We also include tracking and lead tools to further optimise the customer journey.

Reference case:

Milliken Chemical public website

  • A user-friendly structure and intuitive navigation lead people directly to the products and info they need
  • Incorporating numerous tracking and analysis functionalities
  • Capturing leads

Virtual stores & showrooms

For some clients, Vintage recreated stores and showrooms in 3D and integrated these in an encompassing app. With this, sales people can demonstrate and clients can explore products as if it would be in real life, and eventually in their actual setting.

Reference case:

Cegid Virtual Innovation Store

  • Innovation store is recreated in 3D and built in Showpad Experience app
  • Shows the different retail and home shopping solutions of Cegid
  • Links to available assets
  • Cegid and Vintage won the Showpad SAM award for this far-reaching app

Interactive apps

Most of our clients offer a wide range of products and cater a diverse audience. To guide their customers to the most suitable products in a clear and attractive way, Vintage created apps which virtualise the customer’s markets in 3D, allow to select the useful applications for each market, and then give an overview of the appropriate products with their specs & images.

Reference case:

Knauf Interactive City app

  • Starts from a 3D city view, zooms in to the different buildings and applications, and shows the Knauf products
  • Includes product descripton, benefits, specs & images
  • Available via Showpad

Interactive brochures

Seeing the shift from printed to digital literature, Vintage pioneered in the development of interactive brochures. These brochures can be easily distributed and kept up-to-date, and contain rich content such as animations, videos, rotating products and configurators.

Reference case:

Atlas Copco digital product brochures

  • Feature videos and interactive content such as a 360° rotating view of the product
  • Can be used standalone or be integrated in Showpad
  • Available in 15 languages

Showpad compatible content

Being the first award-winning content partner of Showpad, Vintage Productions is a certified Showpad Solution Partner and has been offering multinationals Showpad compatible (interactive) content for many years now. Vintage’s experience apps can be linked to other (CRM) systems.

Reference case:

Desotec Experience app

  • Presents content in a targeted, market specific way
  • Prepare budget estimate and send applicable assets
  • Prospect and client info is directly saved into Salesforce

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality apps

Vintage is experienced in building Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality apps. These apps go much further than simply allowing the viewer to see an environment. Different views, interactive information panels and hotspots are included with extra animations supporting the sales story.

Reference case:

Atlas Copco VR app

  • High-tech way to showcase new product (Smart AIR Solutions)
  • Immersive experience
  • Sales-supportive

Social media videos & animations

Publishing content on social media is one thing, but of course you want everyone to view your post. In the broad stream of information on social media, an attractive 3D animation and video surely catches the eye and makes visitors take the time to watch it!

Reference case:

Automatic Systems TriLane animation (click to see the animation)

  • Demonstrates benefits of brand-new tripod turnstiles
  • Highly visible on social media channels
  • Also used at fairs


An important decision-making step in the B2B sales process is the return on investment. For some clients, Vintage developed calculators which indicate for example the cost and energy savings that will result from purchasing our client’s products.

Reference case:

Atlas Copco calculator

  • Simulates client’s situation
  • Indicates cost and energy savings with Atlas Copco technology


Vintage offers ‘Amplifier’, an in-house developed training platform that makes the most technical study topics easy to understand. It is simple to set up and maintain and is self-explanatory for both training managers and learners. You can opt for the basic version to start with and eventually extend your module with gamification features.

Reference case:

Niko Academy

  • Provides theoretical product training
  • Training content is managed by client
  • Platform presents Niko’s corporate identity