Are you first in mind of your target audience? A new, fresh identity helps you to be remembered

Company branding is much more than using your logo as your letterhead. A clear and consistent identity and an appealing message raise brand awareness and stick your name in your customer’s mind. At Vintage we see branding as a whole concept that puts your company name out there and makes you stand out, whether you need optimisation of your brand or whether you need it created from scratch.

The application of a strong and consistent brand identity throughout all communication and messaging is a key principle in marketing. It enhances customer recognition and loyalty, expresses reliability, and gives your target audience the impression that you are a high-quality, premium brand.

At Vintage, our approach to branding starts with a thorough research of a company’s identity and perception, and a look at how competitors are performing. As a final outcome, and inspired by Guillaume van der Stighelen’s book Herobrand, we assess all brands based on four parameters:

  • Name
  • Game
  • Claim
  • Fame

With this analysis at hand, we grab a coffee and sit together with our creative team to start brainstorming. It is at this point that ideas come together to create concepts that are appropriate for the brand and the market.

Integrated concept & communication approach

We ensure that the concept is clear, understandable and suitable for the targeted market – European and/or international – while always maintaining an integrated communication approach. Consistency is Vintage’s middle name. To build a strong brand identity, the concept needs to work across different media and on a wide variety of online and offline communication tools. In addition, we take into account that the concept should be applied across corporate departments internally as well.

As an example, we refer to the branding of Nexus, a new training center of the Faculty of Law at the University of Antwerp that was launched yesterday. You will find all details about this project here.

Do you want to be sure that your company name is first in mind of your customers, or do you want to start up a new brand? Vintage can help you evaluate your company and market, detect strengths and weaknesses, and seek for new branding opportunities.

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