Facebook advertising for B2B (Part 2)

As promised in last week’s article on Facebook and B2B, this week we will have a look at a few types of Facebook adverts. If you have not had a look at last week’s article, you can still check it here.

We created this series of articles about Facebook advertising because we sincerely think that social media advertising can help your business. But with all the social media platforms out there and all the different possibilities that they offer, it is easy to get confused and spend money uselessly on the wrong type of advert. Some types of Facebook ads work better in some contexts than others. Thus before you even start creating your advert, it is important to have a look at the different possibilities in terms of adverts on Facebook.

This week we will have a look at the following types of Facebook ads:

1. Domain ads
2. Page post links ads
3. Multi-product ads

1. Domain ads

Domain ads are the ads that appear on the right side of your screen when you are on Facebook. They usually have a title, a short text, a photo and a link. These ads cannot be “liked” or commented one. Their aim is not to get page likes but rather to get people to your website, either to raise awareness of your website or to sell products/services.

Domain ads only work on desktop because they are displayed on the right hand side of the screen. This is a big downside knowing the percentage of people who use Facebook on their phones. More than half of Facebook users access the platform only from their mobile devices. It is also quite limited in terms of space (25 characters for the headline and 90 for the description. The images also have to be quite small, 99×72). In spite of its limitation, domain ads remain a relatively cheap type of ad and can be useful if you have a small budget.

While mobile ads are becoming more and more popular, desktop ads still have their advantages and they should not be neglected. Socialbakers points out that right hand column ads, like domain ads, can actually sometimes outperform other types of ads. According to them, in B2B, desktop ads are “ideal for lead-generation that requires filling out the forms on the landing page” (i). No matter how big the screen of a mobile phone is, a lot of people still prefer filling in forms on a desktop. Thus, it can still be worth it to check whether this type of ad would work for you.

2. Page post link ad

Page post link ads are ads that appear on the users’ newsfeed. They can be text, photos, videos and links. This type of ad is common and very effective. They can be liked (the users can both like the post and the page right from their newsfeed) and shared. Users can also leave comments and view other peoples’ comments. The users can thus like, comment and share without having to leave their newsfeed. That can be useful if you are trying to raise the awareness of your brand and want to increase your number of Facebook likes. But as with any type of ad, you have to make sure that the content (both visual and textual) is of good quality. Facebook users scroll across hundreds of post every day, so it is crucial to create an ad that makes them stop and click. Social bakers, advises to do “image testing” (ii) so as to make sure that the images that are being used will attract potential customers and/or clients.

Though it can be an advantage to allow the users to stay within their newsfeed, it can also be a disadvantage if your aim is to get people to your website. Nevertheless, you can add button (call to actions) right there on the ad which can lead traffic to your site. And if you have the right visuals and text, it is very likely that people will want to see more.

This type of ad is also more noticeable than domain ads, for example, and is available both on desktop and mobile devices which is important given the amount of users who access Facebook on their phones.

3. Multi-product ads

Multi-product ads, or carousel adverts are a type of ad where you can advertise multiple products or services at the same time. You can include up to photos or videos and you can also add links and texts. You can add a different headline and link to each text or video. Multi-product ads are available for desktop or mobile use.

Carousel type ads are effective. Research (iii) showed that they can generate up to 10 times more clicks than other types of Facebook ads. And it can also be more cost effective than other types of ads because it allows you to advertise different products/services in one single ad.

Multi-product acts, as the name suggest can be good for advertising different products but you can actually do much more than that with the carousel. It can be used to show a panoramic image, to tell a story and even to show a 360o tour of a product or a venue for example. Thus the multi-product act is not only for B2C. It can be useful for B2B too if you explore all the possibilities that it offers.

The carousel is one of the formats that is available for the canvas ad which we will elaborate more on in next week’s article. If you want to learn more about canvas ads and have a look at the design of our recently launched Canvas ad for Vintage Productions, keep an eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn or follow us on Medium.

We hope that this article was useful to you and if you have questions about the types of Facebook ads that we talked about in this article, or about other types of Facebook ads you can contact us on info@vintage.eu or leave a comment.

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