Every post can generate leads: How often do you update your social media channels?

B2B companies are now also more and more aware of the high impact that social media have if they want to grow their business and generate new leads. Social media are therefore rapidly evolving to a standard and necessary tool in B2B marketing. However, many companies are still not making optimum use of these valuable platforms. At Vintage, we apply our expertise to create and maintain a full content calendar for our clients and regularly update their social media channels with relevant info for their target audience.

Statistics predict that there will be about 3.02 billion active social media users worldwide by 20211 and that businesses can increase their revenue by 24% when they apply social media2. Social media is therefore the most effective marketing tool to gain brand awareness and visibility, to generate traffic to a company’s website, and to bring in new clients and leads. Seeing their high potential impact, they prove to be a cost-efficient and relatively inexpensive tool as well.

A commonly raised question is: How often would you need to post on social media? Unfortunately, there’s not 1 correct answer to this question. What works for one market and audience, doesn’t necessarily work for another. The best rule is to publish content whenever you have something relevant and qualitative to share.

Regularly publishing an article obviously makes your audience more aware of your brand. Everything you share creates exposure and includes the possibility of generating a prospect or lead. But of course you also don’t want to overdo it and make your public bored. The quality of your content and variety of topics are surely more important than the precise number of posts. The key is to retain interest in times where the attention span has gone down drastically. Regular updates with useful information will help your company to stay on top of the viewers’ mind.

At Vintage, we create and maintain a full social media calendar for our clients. We thoroughly analyse our client’s market and target groups and use this a basis to bring together an overview of variable, relevant topics, spread out over a dedicated period of time. We also advise on subjects that should acquire more attention and could be boosted or advertised.

When final and approved by the client, we post the social media plan on our desk as our daily guide! We start to work on creating the most useful and effective type of content per subject, ranging from an appealing image or infographic accompanied by a to-the-point leading text, to a self-standing animation or video. We publish the article to the applicable social media channels and provide our clients with detailed follow-up reports.

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