Empowering your sales force in COVID-19 times

In recent months, many B2B sales teams had to make the switch from working in an office space – or being on the road – to working remotely. Internal salespeople lost proximity to their colleagues and to their sales coach. For outside sales professionals, the switch not only meant working in a different environment, their job description changed altogether. Because of this, companies have to support their sales teams in the best way possible to make remote selling a success.

Generally, simply setting targets and expecting your sales team to reach them, will not result in good numbers – a good sales manager knows this. This is especially true for remote selling. There are of course several things sales professionals should consider themselves for an optimised workflow when working from home. Think of setting a clear schedule, a clean working space for better focus, etc. But when it comes to searching for leads, the sales talk, and closing the deal, they deserve all the help they can get.

Interactive brochures and product virtualisation

There are multiple (digital) tools that you can provide to your salespeople to improve the quality of their sales pitch. Interactive brochures, for example, pave the way for a personalised and valuable conversation. When using an i-brochure, the story will always be tailored to the needs of your potential customer and follow the choices he or she makes. A feature that can further improve the impact of interactive brochures is the use of 3D product virtualisations.

The options of 3D are endless. Using 360° images for example, (potential) customers can discover every feature of your product as if they would be standing right next to it. 3D videos featuring so called “exploded views” can help to explain very technical stories that normal video- or photography would not be able to show. Discover Vintage’s 3D skills here.


It is not just the conversation that changes when selling remotely. Everything that comes before it – lead generation, finding and contacting prospects, … – changes too. Social selling becomes much more important in a digital environment. E-learning platforms or applications can help you teach certain skills to your salespeople from a distance.

You can also use these platforms to teach them everything there is to know about your newest product, so they have a good understanding of it before they try to sell it. The world doesn’t have to stop spinning because we’re all working from home! Vintage Productions can help you with the development of e-learning applications and provide you with clear, understandable content too.

Sales enablement platforms

With sales enablement you take your CMS and CRM systems one step further.Sales enablement platforms like Showpad allow you to easily show all – and only – relevant content to your potential customers and send it to them afterwards and easily track if they received, opened it etc. That way you can better understand where they are in the sales journey. If you are a Showpad customer, Vintage can help you with innovative interactive content that will structure the sales story of your remote sales team.

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