Empower your sales team with a user-friendly sales app for online and face-to-face meetings

In-person meetings have been rare since the start of the corona pandemic, but the B2B world is showing signs of a return to the ‘old normal’. So how can you best equip your sales teams in these changing times? We have been providing our clients with sales apps which their salespeople can use now, during their digital contacts, and can keep using when they go back to physical visits and fairs in the future. These sales apps can run across different platforms such as Showpad.

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know that Vintage helps clients to build up a clear sales story by digging deep into their portfolio, market, industry sector and competition. This exercise can result in multiple tools, one of them being a simple, effective sales app that is easy for the client and their sales teams to use and maintain.

A recent example is the sales app we developed IMI Hydronic Engineering, an industry-leading manufacturer of products and services for HVAC installations. IMI asked Vintage to create a Showpad app to launch their new TA-Smart product, a connected balancing and control valve designed for heating and cooling applications.

Vintage’s Commtech Director Maarten Huybrighs describes how we approached the task: “The app starts out with an overview of the challenges facing building owners, especially in the areas of energy regulations and performance.  It then presents the multiple functions that TA-Smart fulfils to address those challenges. The app includes a 360° rotating product view, 2D interactive visuals to demonstrate the building challenges and product features, and a clear application overview. All the content is organised and presented within a simple structure and navigation.”

IMI specifically asked Vintage to build the app in Showpad. “All the images in the app are tagged from the Showpad library,” Maarten Huybrighs continues, “and numerous interesting assets such as presentations, brochures and videos are linked to the different topics and pages. The app comes in four languages in a first phase: English, German, French and Dutch. The client can manage the base content in a JSON file and can also import the translations directly from their system into this file.”

As the app is available through Showpad, IMI’s sales team can use it during calls or online client meetings which are the current standard. They can also keep it at hand in the future, when ‘normal’ sales processes return and face-to-face appointments become more frequent.

Such apps allow our clients to adapt seamlessly to changes, communicate consistently and stay ahead of the digital transformation.


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