Creating a clear and attractive presentation is a skill

Developing an understandable presentation that continuously holds the attention isn’t as easy as 1, 2, 3. Making a message become top of mind of a larger public requires a well-thought storyline supported by clear visuals, graphics and/or videos. It can be created in various ways ranging from a traditional PowerPoint presentation to an interactive, fully animated video experience. However, regardless of topic or communication tool, it is key to ‘present’ your story as a ‘present’ to your audience.

A good presentation needs clear and well structured content. What’s the message that I want my target audience to remember? That’s the most important question you need to answer. Whether your presentation targets an internal or external public, the message should run like a thread through the storyline. In general, a good presentation starts with a description of the current state, goes over the definition of the objective and ends with the solution that your company has to offer.

When the story is finished, you can add brief product and/or company information and a call-to-action. The CTA is there to stimulate leads and build a customer journey. In case of an internal presentation, the goal of the CTA is to build engagement among team members or employees.

Layouted & animated PPT

PowerPoint is widely known as the most applied tool to create presentations. However, nowadays its design features and animation possibilties have become so wide and versatile that developing an attractive PPT presentation requires dedicated attention. Best practices are to avoid too much textual content per slide; to integrate images, graphics and videos where possible; and not to overdo animating effects.

Interactive & video experience

PowerPoint is not the only presentation tool available. Vintage has experience with the development of new tools that fit within mobile communication and give presentations an extra dimension for both presenter and public. Vintage pioneered in the creation of interactive presentations that are mobile compatible and feature a flexible structure where topics can be consulted or not depending on the audience’s feedback and interests. Furthermore, Vintage develops presentations that submerge the viewer into a full video experience.

Need assistance for your presentation? Vintage can help you with building up your key message and storyline, and creating an appealing PPT presentation that brings your message across! And why not take your presentation to a higher level and make it interactive or have it developed as a video? Want to learn more? Contact Ellen