A B2B blog: Grow your business by sharing knowledge

Not too long ago, product information and market knowledge in B2B sectors belonged to sellers. If a customer needed help, he had to reach out and salespeople could provide him with a solution fit to his challenge. Back then, the first contact between a salesperson and a customer happened at the very beginning of the sales process. But times change.

Nowadays, detailed information about almost everything is readily available on the internet. B2B customers are no longer dependent on salespeople to get information. They do their own research on challenges they encounter and the different options to solve them before they reach out to a potential seller. 64% of their decision-making process takes place without any contact between a customer and a salesperson! This means that the sooner you are in the picture, the more chance you have to win a potential client. A business blog which provides market insights is an effective way to reach that goal.

Establish your brand as helpful

Blogging creates a context for your products and/or services – a context that has your brand all over it. An effective blog provides information that is relevant for potential customers. It covers challenges they might encounter and how your products or services can solve them. A blog will typically reach people in the earlier phases of their research. And if you can provide them with relevant information – or answer their questions – early on, you will be top of mind when the buying decision is made.

SEO boost

Websites that feature a blog gain higher rankings on online search engines. By providing useful information to your target audience, your will establish your brand as an authority in its field. This will draw potential customers to your website and your visitor statistics will increase, making your website more relevant. Moreover, for every blog post you write, a new page is added to your website. And the more pages a search engine can index, the higher they rate your website.

Vintage can help you

Vintage helps its customer with maintaining a captivating B2B blog. On the technical side, we design and/or develop the relevant pages on your website. From a content point of view, we help our customers with setting up a content planning, finding relevant topics to communicate about, and writing to-the-point, attractive blog articles and updating them if need be.

Interested in starting your own B2B blog? Or want help in revitalising the one you have? Give us a call or get in touch.