Customer experience: Atlas Copco Rental Virtual Event

Last week, Atlas Copco Rental organised a Virtual Event to inform customers and prospects about the newest additions to its already wide range of products and services. The event platform was developed by Vintage and proved to be a success! “We’ve received countless compliments about how amazing it all looked and how easy the platform was to use”, says Kris Herremans, Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco Rental Europe.

What was the main purpose and goal of the virtual event?
Kris Herremans: “The purpose was to inform and share knowledge. Inform (potential) customers about the newest additions to our Total Solutions fleet. The knowledge-sharing aspect of our event emphasises that we do not only have the most cutting-edge solutions in our fleet, but also the experienced experts that can help our customers in any situation.”


The event was titled “power to choose.” What does this title mean?
Kris Herremans: “‘Power to choose’ is the key message of our marketing strategy. Sustainability is key. Many of our customers have very ambitious goals, and we have to ensure that they can expect to meet those goals, even when they only temporarily rely on our equipment. Choice allows for consistency and guarantees efficiency. Choice means safeguarding our customers’ competitive advantage. And choice means being able to do the right thing. Our customers have the power to choose.”

“We’ve received countless compliments about how amazing it all looked and how easy the platform was to use”

Was it a successful and fruitful event? What were the most heard reactions from the participants?
Kris Herremans: “The event was a success! We’ve received countless compliments about how amazing it all looked and how easy the platform was to use.”


How would you evaluate the set-up and success of the virtual event as compared to (previous) physical fairs?
Kris Herremans: “Nothing beats real-life conversations. However, in this day and age, the platform proved to be the best of both worlds. We were able to try something new – like the seminars – and still stay familiar with our fleet’s newest equipment. The platform, however, will be used for more than just a 1-day event. Our sales will use it to introduce our company to new customers instead of just handing over – or emailing – a brochure. We’ll definitely use it to its fullest potential!”

Which benefits does a virtual event offer for your company as compared to a physical fair?
Kris Herremans: “As stated in the previous question, real-life events will remain key in the future. But a “hybrid” use of events is the way to go for now. Hopefully, meeting people will be possible again early next year, but virtual events are definitely here to stay. And not just at Atlas Copco Rental!”


An advantage of a virtual event is that it remains available after the official event dates. How important is it to stay in regular and direct contact with customers and prospects in this way?
Kris Herremans: “Remaining online fits the entire “power to choose” message. People can log in and join us whenever they want. That and the way our salespeople will integrate it into their introductions will be interesting to see.”


Virtual events provide for lots of visitor statistical data. How essential is this info and what can you learn from it?
Kris Herremans: “In our case we got to measure what it is our customers are most interested in. From equipment to seminar sessions. Very useful information!”


How can a virtual and physical event complement each other in the future when physical fairs can be held again?
Kris Herremans: “Because the (near) future is more unpredictable than ever before, both will co-exist.”


Thank you for your time, Kris. Also for Vintage this is surely a flagship project! Thank you and your team for the opportunity to create this event and the nice collaboration on this project!


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