Amplify your knowledge. Simplify your training.

Designed and developed by Vintage, Amplifier is a training platform that makes even the most technical study topics easy to understand. It is simple to set up, use and maintain. You can opt for the basic version to start with and eventually add a gamification module. Amplifier supports any type of content, from 3D animations to virtual reality, alongside videos, webinars and classroom training.

Easy and all-inclusive
You don’t need a manual to be able to work with Amplifier. The platform is self-explanatory for both training managers and learners. As a training manager, you can offer a multitude of courses presenting a variety of content such as 3D environments and animations, clear demonstrations, videos and quizzes. Learners are able to study the training material in their mother tongue. Training managers can easily maintain all content via a dedicated CMS.

Why Amplifier?

  • Intuitive interface
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited content types
  • Multilingual
  • Simple CMS

Tailored look and feel
Amplifier can be customised to feature your brand’s logo and colour. It also caters to everyone’s individual learning pace. Students track their progress on their own personal dashboard, take exams and receive certificates as they reach their training milestones. Teachers can manage their classes and have access to detailed reporting to make monitoring and planning easier. At dedicated times, learners and teachers can set-up live chat sessions to exchange quick explanations and answer questions.

Why Amplifier?

  • Customised identity
  • Personal dashboard
  • Group administration
  • Detailed reporting
  • Certificates
  • Chatbox

Training on the go
Amplifier is compatible with any platform or device. It is fully optimised for use on a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Wherever employees want to study, they will always have their course materials and a handy reference library with them.

Why Amplifier?

  • 24/7
  • Mobile and responsive


Attractive content
A visual or animation says more than a thousand words. Whatever subject you want to train people in, Vintage can help by creating the right content to get your information across and motivate learners to continue studying.

Why Amplifier?

  • Tailor-made content


Would you like to see some reference projects? 

Please check the e-learning project for Niko Home Control or the ‘Campus’ project for Federal Mogul.


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