20 years at Vintage in 2020

Yes, you could say I’m pretty ‘vintage’ after 20 years at Vintage Productions…

I still remember that first day at the gate in the Rodestraat. Recovering from a reverse culture shock as I had just returned to Belgium after living in Mexico for 3 years.

So 20 years have passed since then. The cliché is true: time flies when you are having fun!

I started out as proofreader/editor and if I remember correctly my first assignment was re-writing a (quite boring) advertisement text. Language and words have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My re-write took a while and indeed, it went a little over the top with a tongue in cheek headline. But the head copywriter went for it so mission accomplished !

Gradually I got to know the company, the clients, their products (as technical as they are in most cases) and how to optimise content and get the message across. Editing turned into copywriting and I could fully enjoy the world of taglines, concepts and language in general.

During the following years I learnt the trade of marketing communication on the job : through numerous (philosophical) talks with Jos, by reading Philip Kotler and simply learning the hard way working and writing for a wealth of different clients.

Don’t ask me when exactly but at some point I rolled into the commercial side of marketing. Contact with clients, following up projects from beginning to end, coordination, the financial side… it all became part of my daily tasks as I grew into the job of Account Manager and later Director.

Coached by the ‘anciens’, new worlds opened up. I learned a lot but as we all know, nothing comes easy and there were tough times. But looking back, those moments shaped me. Important lessons which proved their worth later on. The latest challenge you ask ? Business development ! Apparently not everyone’s cup of tea but maybe that’s why it’s mine.

Vintage changed considerably in the course of my career but the essence always remained the same : it is a company with a soul, fully dedicated to its clients and their marketing communication needs. From the beginning I was struck by Vintage’s no nonsense attitude, the strong belief in everyone’s capabilities and the will to ‘go all the way’.

Thank you Claudia, Jos and the Vintage family in general for the past 20 years: thank you for all the opportunities, the life lessons, the encouragement and so much more. It has been a rollercoaster ride and I mean that in the best possible way. But the ride continues, still a world to explore, challenges to tackle, clients to serve, issues to solve and most of all : fun to have !

And just so you know: I’m in it for the long run… and as most people close to me know : I can run pretty far !